Meet Catface (yes, his real name), a majestic oriental with amazing fangs and such a personality. I was lucky enough to be told to follow my inspiration and paint Catface as I saw him. Oh such dangerous words to an odd soul like me !

His fangs were definitely a feature I couldn’t ignore, and reviewing the reference photos revealed a duality to him that was hilarious and spooky. I just had to portray the two sides to his personality and show off his toofs.

A great challenge that pushed me to play with light, texture and dimension.

Here are some process shots of the idea developing.

First some sketches before I had a solid idea. They had mentioned him being a debonnaire romantic type and expressed interest in a steampunk theme.

But seeing as they were more open to my interpretation of his character, I decided to develope this ghosty idea

Some photos of the final print on high quality paper

I also tried a new form of printing, using transparent sheets of acrylic with ink printed inbetween, which gave a really cool and impressive translucent effect to the ghostly cat. Better seen in person though.